PPIE Fund Raising
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What? PPIE funds supplemental STAFF (plus key grants and Outdoor Education) while parent clubs (PTA, PTSA, PFC) primarily fund STUFF (materials, activities and more). Together, all funds support our students.  See what PPIE funds at Vintage Hills:

  • Student Intervention Specialist for help and advancement in English and math 
  • Librarian - keeps the library open all day
  • Onsite IT - keeps lab open for students and ensures access for all
  • Round trip bus transportation for Outdoor Education to lower costs per student

How? Parents and teachers VOTE what PPIE should fund at each school – visit www.ppie.org to vote.  Then we leverage parent donations with corporate funds so each school receives MORE than they donate. Finally, we work with your school principal and PUSD leadership to specify funding each year based on school priorities.

Donate NOW to help your child thrive and succeed for the future!

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