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Pleasanton Partnerships in Education (PPIE) Foundation works in partnership with your PTA to provide an exceptional educational experience for your student. While PTA supports “stuff” (class materials, enrichment activities, some technology and parent/teacher development), PPIE funds supplemental STAFF and critical programs. At Vintage Hills this coming year, PPIE will provide:

  • Librarian to keep the library open during lunch and recess (2 extra hours/day)
  • Student Intervention (1 full time onsite specialist) for help and advancement in math and English 
  • Round trip bus transportation for Outdoor Education to lower parent/PTA costs per student

Donate to PPIE so Vintage Hills can continue and expand these benefits – and respond to our Fall Survey to guide what PPIE should fund in the future! We welcome ALL donations - $100 to $1,000 per student – and our goal is greater family participation! $500 is recommended (compared to $1,000 for many school foundations) and $1/day ($18/month with our 10 month payment plan) is highly welcome! PPIE offers benefits and recognition for all family donors (includes total family giving + matching funds) with Pleasanton Weekly and Annual Report notices.

Please donate now – and list your company affiliation (Future Fund automatically emails info so you can easily secure matching funds). AND visit our website, www.ppie.org, for details on How Schools are Funded, PPIE programs across the district, and our complete partner and donor recognition. Thank you!
Su donación es deducible de impuestos hasta el máximo provisto por la ley. No se proporcionaron bienes o servicios a cambio de su contribución. PPIE es una identificación de impuestos de la organización sin fines de lucro 501 (c) (3): 94-3046738

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